Colmar, France

July 1, 2016 0 Comments

Mamma mia, time to go to France!  For some reason I have always been intimidated by the though of going to France.  I never really grew up with the desire like everyone else to go to Paris.  I always thought Italy was more romantic.

But it was time to bite the bullet and dive straight into uncharted territory.  I had no idea what I was doing.

All throughout Italy my parents relied on me to translate and interpret the language for them, which I didn’t mind at all.  But then in France, my dad especially would defer to me to navigate everything.  I was not prepared or equipped to do that!  But I took it as a challenge and gave it my best.  Which apparently wasn’t very good at all.  Frustrating moments are now laughable memories, looking back.  And that’s how it usually works anyway.

Our first stop was the little fairytale village of Colmar.  It straight up feels like this is where Walt Disney pulled his inspiration for Disneyland from.  He was at least from the Alsace region in France.  Colmar is known as the heart of the Alsace region, so the little town was covered in hearts.  It was quaint.

It was definitely one of those no makeup days.  I didn’t care at all.  Maybe I was subconsciously mourning the break up with Italia.  But I was just free.  It was also raining and we were only there for a few hours, so what the heck, let it all out, right?

The food was amazing, the buildings were so cute, we stumbled upon a gem of a cathedral, and just wasted our time doing whatever we wanted.  So it’s not really a waste after all.

Honestly though, on the spiritual side of things, I felt very strange in this town.  It felt very much a part of the occult.  I was woken up in the night with demonic dreams and felt a spirit of witchcraft.  I couldn’t wait to leave.

I am not proclaiming that over the city.  In fact, I release freedom and healing and authenticity over Colmar, in Jesus’ name.

I thought I should share that side of my experience in case you’re reading this to plan your trip abroad, whoever you are.

The heart of Jesus is to redeem.  So I pray the heart of the Alsace region is redeemed.

Below are some photos of this short day.  Please comment below if you have questions or any other observations.  Have a blessed day!


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