Luzern, Switzerland

June 29, 2016 0 Comments

Ciao, bella Italia, amore mio.  Ti voglio bene, per sempre.

Well, the time came to leave Italy.  First stop: Switzerland!  And it is lovely.  It’s as if Lucerne was created to be photographed.

The train ride up from Venice and then Milan (poorly planned, oh well) was so gorgeous.  It was hard on my heart, but the view helped soothe the pain.

We landed in Luzern (Lucerne).  I had looked absolutely nothing up about Switzerland because I wanted the surprise.  And I got that!  I loved seeing that we were staying in Old Town and it was all situated around the water.  Loved seeing swans everywhere- they just make it feel like a fairytale.  Walking around we stopped and looked up to one of the surrounding mountains and discovered a castle!  A real castle…  That was amazing to me.

The old wooden bridges covered in history and art, the town market just happened to be on the day we were visiting, the beautiful flowers everywhere your eye could see… I loved it.  It was a breath of fresh mountain air.

I refused to eat any Italian cuisine- there is no way anyone else could compare to my Romans.  So we crawled into a pub and had some greasy fish and chips.  Their attempt at gelato was laughable, but I didn’t let it spoil a good day.

It amazes me that places like this exist.  How could a people group join together in an effort to make home so beautiful, so picturesque, so peaceful, and so magnetic.  The architecture, the food, the overall atmosphere… the town was designed to be lived in.

Please, enjoy the photo journey.

There are so many reasons why I love travel.  Comment some of your reasons why you love it too, below!


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