Mont Saint-Michel

July 6, 2016 0 Comments

On our second day in Bayeux, my mom booked us a trip to go see Mont Saint Michel.  I remember seeing photos of this place when I was little and always wanting to go see it.  For some reason it intrigued me.  An entire city, on a hill, isolated and beautiful.  There was something mysterious about it.  Something called me nearer.

So we used the Bayeux Shuttle company again (this link is for the Mont Saint-Michel trip).  It really was just a shuttle service this time.  So we climb into a large and comfortable van (with wifi) and get ready for a short road trip, about an hour and a half.  At first I thought it was a waste of the day because of the time it took to commute to where we were going, but I actually really enjoyed driving through Northern France and seeing all of the yellow fields.  It was a chance to just relax and be in France.

During the drive, there were periodical film clips to provide some information and facts about where we were driving through and what we were about to go see, which I greatly appreciated because I literally knew nothing about this part of the world.

Upon arrival, we were told how much time we had to explore, and we were set free to go see the city, one short bus ride away.  The first photo is the view you will have when getting off the bus.  It’s a popular spot for excited tourists to stand in your way and photobomb you.  So be prepared for a lot of people in this stretch.

The entire city was created to be a center for healing, an abbey dedicated for monks to pray.  It became popular because it provided jobs for the agricultural community and had great influence in religion and wealth.   Honestly, don’t know that much history about it still.  I appreciate the architecture and the overall experience of exploring a new place.

I loved learning about how the tide here comes in quickly.  It’s very dangerous to walk off of the bridge because the tide sweeps in unpredictably, which keeps the coast guard busy, fishing out tourists frequently.

The monastery is beautiful.  Be prepared for a long, uphill climb when you venture to the entrance.  And expect that you will spend quite some time inside.  I thought it would just be a main sanctuary, but the ticket you purchase winds you through the abbey in its entirety.

After losing my dad (this happened often), my mom and I were ready for lunch.  We grab a seat in a very crowded restaurant and order an omelette.  Afterward, we grab a crepe on the street and head back to the bus to meet our group for the ride home.

It was a short day, but we saw and did a lot.  Oh, and eventually we found dad.  Never fear.  It’s always an adventure.

I should have taken more photos, but I was so in the mindset of just being where I was and remembering the moments with my senses, not my camera.  I succeeded in that goal.  Please enjoy the photos I did take.  Most of them I had to fight for because there were so many people all over the place.  It’s about timing and patience…

So here you go, Mont Saint-Michel:


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