New Year’s in Copenhagen

February 6, 2017 2 Comments

I had never really placed Copenhagen in my top 10 places to visit, however, it was in the back of my mind to go see one day.

I feel so pleasantly surprised with my experience there!  I do think that it has 100% to do with the people I was with, but Denmark is filled with lovely people and a beautiful culture, too.

Chelsea and I were there for about one week.  It was difficult to say goodbye.

We stayed with her family.  Her wonderful and hilarious mid-western cousin fell in love with a Dane and moved across the planet to be with him.  They are one of the most kind, interesting, light-hearted and down-to-earth couples I know, and I am so grateful they welcomed me in to their home.

New Year’s was unforgettable.  I truly felt like I was part of a movie.  My dear friend, Kate was solo traveling at the same time and just happened to be in Copenhagen that day, so we got to bring in the 2017 together.

The men of the party were the chefs, while the women got to sit and drink and dance and laugh… all night long.  We ate for like ten hours straight – if you think you eat well in Italy, my friend, you need to go to Denmark – they know how to eat!  It was some of the best food I’ve ever had.

Bacon wrapped dates, salmon, oysters, deer, lamb, amazing kale salad, meats and cheeses… I was in food heaven basically.  With champagne all night.

For fireworks, we had the privilege of going to their work place, which just so happened to be a building in an awesome location, with a 360 degree view of all of Copenhagen, and you could even see in to Sweden, and there was a wrap around deck to be up close and personal to all the action.

Let me tell you, the Scandinavians go all out for fireworks.  They lasted for hours.  And they were good ones!  Growing up in Nevada where fireworks were illegal to shoot off individually and we only had one show on the 4th of July, shot off the top of our high school… I’ve never seen fireworks.

After hugging and kissing everyone, watching the show for about an hour, we ventured back out in to the cold to go to the ocean and shoot off our own rockets while we make one wish.

I’m not going to tell you what I wished for.  You know why.

After that, we had cigars, went back home, and ate some more.  We didn’t stop eating until about 4 or 5 in the morning, and by then, this grandma, who usually goes to bed by 10, was very much ready for sleep.

It was such a magical night and I know it will be difficult to beat that holiday anywhere else.

But one more time, for good measure- it was not the city I was in; it was entirely the people I was with that made the time special.

I love you, Chelsea, Carrie, Annas, Kate.  Happy 2017 <3


*While there, we also visited Hillsong Church to bring in the New Year with communion and worship.  If you’re in the area and are looking for a church, check their website out here:


February 3, 2017



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    Jolene Miley

    February 6, 2017

    My brother was posted there in Copenhagen while with the US State Dept. He said it was a lovely city.

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    February 24, 2017

    And let’s not forget the wonderful swiping we did at the restaurant 😉😂 that was beyond hilarious. Love you! Definitely my best new years ever.

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