Pompeii // Day Trip From Rome

April 13, 2016 0 Comments

Pompeii is just a short trip south of Roma.  We were wanting an adventure, so we booked a ticket.

Upon arrival in Napoli, we went for a pizza, naturally.  Napoli does pizza best.

After getting locked in the restroom, struggling to open the door, then desperately yelling for help, the handsome superhero waiter rescue me.  Devoured the most delicious pizza ever and grabbed a caffe lungo macchiato, we then got on another train to see the ruins of Pompeii.

Sounds fun, right?

Only, our timing was a little off.  We arrived at the ticket office five minutes after the closing of entrances.  After talking to the staff and begging for them to make an exception, we left disappointed with our heads hanging low.  Only, I was with a boy.

Boys have crazy ideas sometimes.

At first he suggested hopping over a wall, to what I then imagined myself tumbling down a hill with pokey bushes to my death.  No, thank you, I’m fine up here.

So we started to leave.

We turned left instead of straight, because, after all, there were no clear signs saying ‘uscita’ (exit).  So we walked.  Quickly.

We seemed to sneak in the back!  Can you believe it?  We made it!

“Signore, no!” screamed the security guard.

Caught red handed.  NOOO we’ve come so far!  The agony of defeat!

BUT Casey and I had the whole good cop/bad cop act down to a science after working together for three months.  And it doesn’t hurt that I’m charming and blonde. (;

Casey argued with the guard for five minutes.  He didn’t seem to get anywhere, so he angrily walked away.

My turn.  Stepping closer, batting my eyelashes at the guard and asking, “Signore, ti prego, un photo?”

He melted like butter, in the palm of my hand.

After a small bribe, he let us in, with a finger to the lips ‘shhh’ gesture and a wink.


Our next mission was to find the dead bodies.  Why else go to Pompeii?

Desperate to find them with 30 minutes to spare, I began asking tourists, “Where are all the dead people?!”

Many incorrect directions later, we found em.

Fully satisfied.

We headed back to the stazione, bought a bunch of snacks, and sat in our seats for the next 2 hours.  Good conversations about life and God and everything in between.  It was a fun adventure spent with my crazy friend.  I’ll remember it forever.

Thanks, Casey.



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