Roman Wanderings // 8

March 20, 2017 0 Comments

The one day I woke up earlier than usual, brought my camera with me, and tried not to care that I looked even more like a tourist than usual.

All creatives out there know that when you stop creating, you don’t feel fully yourself.  Sometimes it’s a slump we get in to.  Sometimes it’s only for a day or two.  For me, it was definitely a while.

A lot happened in 2016 and it derailed me for a quite some time.  But on this particular day, I woke up determined to try to break my slump.

I’m thankful for my sweet Swedish friend, Lisa, who joined me to wander, eat yummy pizza, talk about life, God, culture, etc. as we explored our city as tourists once again.  Here are some of the photos from this morning’s adventure.

I hope you enjoy them.



July 7, 2017


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