Tivoli // Day Trip From Rome

October 30, 2015 0 Comments

It was the week of my birthday.  We needed to have an adventure.  My coworker/neighbor took me, put me on a train, and before we knew it, we were in a different… everything.  Rome is so fabulously busy.  Sometimes, it’s nice to go somewhere and breathe.

We found Villa d’Este without researching prior.  We bought a couple tickets to the museum part, and ran inside to escape the rain.  It really was perfect timing.

We were there at a time when famous opera costumes were on display.  It brought me back to when I studied classical voice, and I nerded out a bit.

The rain let up, right after I bought an umbrella (of course), and we headed outside.

The fountains were an engineering masterpiece because they are powered by the way the pipes are laid out and no motor.  It really just made me think of the Lizzie McGuire movie.  But the rain turned it into somewhat of an enchanted forest and really cooled things off on that hot day.

I kept thinking how pretty it would be to have a wedding here.  As we were leaving, a bride and groom entered to take photos together.

Perfect ending to the fairytale fantasy.

I love little adventures.  I love daydreaming.  It was a good little birthday day trip. (:


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