Venice Series // 4

June 27, 2016 0 Comments

Someday soon, I’d like to spend an entire month in Venice alone.  There is something about her that always leaves you wanting more.  Honestly, I feel that way about all of Italy.  I will never be satisfied.

I adored being able to show my parents around.  We walked, ate good food, got lost plenty of times, took the wrong ferry to the wrong part of town in the middle of night… but none of that is ever a bad thing when you are here.

Our hotel was straight out of a fairy tale.  Venetian glass chandleiers, gorgeous spiral staircase, enchanting garden, private balcony directly over the canal, silk walls and plush rooms… I felt like royalty.

This blurb was taken from their website, :

“Palazzo Abadessa is a refined Venetian relais , recognised as a “Period Residence” by the Provincial Authorities and the Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Venice: the building dates back to the late 1500’s with frescoed ceilings, authentic antique furniture, precious silk fabrics and paintings from the Tintoretto school.

Guests are welcomed into the atrium with marble flooring, a wooden lacunar ceiling and polychrome windows with leaded glass that look out onto the canal, where the hotel’s private docking place is situated. On the opposite side there is a magnificent “embracing” type staircase, the only one of its kind in Venice, that leads to the first floor of the building.”

I’ve included some photos that were found on their website and on Pinterest.

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If you’ve not yet had the chance to go to Venice, I pray that someday soon, you will.  It has the power to inspire you and set your inner creative free on a wild rampage, while at the same time, turning the rest of your brain off completely to let you simply be in the moment you are in.

On one of the days, me and my Mamma got to go to Murano on a private boat taxi, complimentary of the hotel, and a private tour to watch how glass is blown.  Below you will see a photo of Vincenzo, a master glass blower, specializing in chandeliers, displaying his horse he made in record time for my mother and I.

The tour was lovely.  The guys that work there had quite the sense of humor, and would joke with me and talk to me in Italian.  It was always the biggest compliment to me when locals would take me serious and have conversations with me.  The assumption of being a tourist was the biggest insult.  And will remain to be the biggest insult forevermore.  I am not a tourist.  I am a traveller.  Do you know the difference?

From crowded piazzas to delicious food to snack on, from cute little hats to charming piano players that make eye contact with you as you walk by and nod hello, I never wanted to leave.

Honestly, leaving was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

It’s funny to think back and recognize that there was this part inside me that secretly hoped to fall in love.  Maybe it’s the movies we grow up watching, or maybe it was the fact that every time I browse through Facebook someone younger than me is getting engaged/married/having baby #1/#2/#3… Maybe it was because I’ve never had a boyfriend or been on a real date, meanwhile I’m approaching 25 years of age.  Maybe it was because Italian men seem to be exactly my cup of tea…  Whatever the reason, I wanted to fall in love in Italy.

I never did fall in love in Italy.  At least, not with a man.

I did fall in love, though.

I fell in love with her; I fell in love with Italy.

Right now, it feels more like a heartbreak than a happy ending.  But it’s not the end yet.  I am trusting that God will place me back in this country, and soon.  I seem to stand out, but it is where I belong.  It feels like home to me.

Until then, enjoy this Venetian story told through photos.


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